Opera Mini 4.2 Mod RC5 English

Posted: 16 April 2011 in Aplikasi Ponsel, Download

14/04/2011 External drawing fonts.
14/04/2011 Export / Import your selections.
14/04/2011 Added option to use external language file from the filesystem.
10/04/2011 Added icons for settings and auto-update for all links from a page.
06/04/2011 Changes the highlight color in direct input.
06/04/2011 When you save the page, the existing file with the same name is overwritten.
14/04/2011 Edit Restriction downloads over time.
14/04/2011 Selecting a bookmark for the express panel, the transition in the parent directory is not using “[Back] moves up the folder.”
06/04/2011 Exception handling commands Stop prolonged opening of the file list.
06/04/2011 Check for error when creating a logo in the About Internet Explorer.

Download Opera Mini 4.2 Mod RC5 English .jar


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